Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Interest .

INTEREST , everyone have their own interest . Same goes to me , certain people have weird interest such as keep a tame snake , collecting bottle caps from a variety of drinks and so on . Okay now i want to story about my interest . When i was 13 years old ( if i'm not mistaken ) my interest is more to sports car and superbike , weird isn't it ? A girl like me interest on something like that , but it's okay . I love to collect magazine about sport car , and sometimes i will share my money with my brother . But that is before , right now my interest is more to music . And actually i love all genre , but i choose K-Pop genre more . I still remember the first time ( that time my age is 14 years old )  i heard song from group name Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) , their song are really touched my heart . Start from that day , i will always follow up everything about them . And sometimes i will chat with other people from other country and talk about DBSK . One day one of my friends told me that at KL there is a shop sell Korea product , the next day me and her go to KL just because we want to buy product from Korea . And both of us are really satisfied because we got what we want , and right now I have about 10 poster of DBSK . That's all about my interest , thanks for reading :)

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